Integrated Development
Evidence Map

The new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present the international community with a framework emphasizing the integration of social, economic, and environmental aims. To ensure that decisions about the implementation of this multi-sector agenda are evidence-informed, this interactive map provides decision-makers with over 500 impact evaluations conducted to asses integrated development programs.

The studies have been organized to show the major trends in the evidence base, and the user-friendly customized search function allows for easy identification of evidence according to areas of interest (including geography, study design, or development sectors represented by the interventions or their intended outcomes). Given the significant diversity of the type of programs evaluated, their effectiveness is not displayed —it can be determined by users once a sub-set of studies has been established in relation to a specific interest.

Behind the Map

What's Behind
the Map?

The 500+ impact evaluations in the map were conducted to assess programs that intentionally linked the design and delivery of interventions across more than one of eight core development sectors (agriculture & food security, economic development, education, environment, governance, health, nutrition, and water, sanitation & hygiene).

Each impact evaluation in the map has been categorized according to: the region and/or country where the intervention took place, whether the study was experimental or quasi-experimental, which sectors are represented in the intervention, and which sectors are reflected in the intended outcomes measured by the study.

View snapshot maps that show the major trends reflected in the evidence base:

  • Which combinations of intervention sectors have been evaluated the most times?
  • From which sectors are outcomes evaluated most often?
  • Which regions do the studies come from?
  • What proportion were experimental vs quasi-experimental?
Use filters for geography, study design, and development sector to identify the impact evaluations relevant to your area of interest.

What have we missed? Please share impact evaluations on integrated, multi-sector development that you don't see in the map!

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