About the Projects

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This module is designed to interactively collect strategic data from all the EAC co-funded projects. The data is used to monitor and evaluate the project's achievements in relation to the goals of EAC.

The data is collected using an interactive survey which all the projects have access to. Once collected, the data is used to build the key performance indicators defined by the Monitoring and Evaluation team.

Interactive platform that generates pre-defined key performance indicators to produce live scenarios to monitor and evaluate the EAC co-funded projects through a high level user interface.

This platform can be customized to generate new indicators specific to individual EAC or project needs. It can also be used to combine pre-existing indicators or produce new ones.

This module produces an overall panel of graphs, tables and dashboards that represent the key performance indicators. This panel is a snapshot of all the projects as a unit to show the achievements of the EAC initiative.

The dashboard panel is oriented for high level managers and sustain the enhancement of the EAC project policies. This panel is also a valuable tool to support high level staff meetings, producing evidence for the decision making process.

State of the art interactive module that, using Google Earth technology, lets the users visualize the project schools with associated education, population and geographic data. School pictures are also available.

The Schools module also has an interactive interface for point and thematic mapping.